Village of Spring Valley Wisconsin


Commonly Requested Ordinances & Zoning


  ATV and Golf Cart Ordinance

Accessory R-1 Residential
Decks R-2 Residential updated for front yard setbacks

Red Fox Run Covenants as recorded

Driveways RM-3 Multiple Family 2-4 Units

Firearms updated ordinance 2014

R-4 Multiple Family Residential

Mowing amendment

R-MH Mobile Home
Open Burning/ Campfires A-1 Agricultural
Pools B-1 Business/ Commercial

Sign application and ordinance

I-1 Industrial


Ordinance Book

General Provisions Offenses and Misc Provisions
Administration Parks and Recreation
Animal ordinance with updates Public Safety and Public Works
Buildings/ Building Regulations Solid Waste
Floods Subdivisions and Platting
Health and Sanitation Traffic and Vehicles
Licenses Utilities
Nuisances Zoning


To review Sec. 58-50 Variances ordinance,

click here   Board of Appeals Ordinance and application for variance


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2-5 Election Poll Hours

2-6 Official Newspaper

2-53 Village President Duties

2-59(a) Meetings

2-59(c) Meetings

2-142 Residency

2-143 Board of Review

2-192 Bid Solicitations

2-(301-307) Ordinance update Street Use Permit

6-1 and 6-6 Animals at large and restraint

6-13(e) Keeping of Chickens

10- Building Code amend ordinance to update to State of WI language and statutes

18-7 Lawn and Grass Length Regulated amendment

18-11 Outdoor Solid Fuel Heating Devices

22-161 Food trucks

22-91 Operators License Application Procedure

30-1(37) Possession of Tobacco and Vape product by Minors

30-1(37) amend to age 21

30-31 Firearms updated ordinance 2014

34-1 Memorials

38-157 Unlawful Dumping

50-180 Parking prohibited during certain hours

58-xx Pole Barn house, container house, shouse disallowed

58-171(b)(2)(a) revision to front yard setback 25

58-231(b)(2)(3)(4) update

58-251(c)(3) No mini storage units in Commercial or Industrial zoning

58-251(e) I-1 Industrial Zoning Conditional Uses

58-591 (g)(1) Portable Temporary Storage Containers