Village of Spring Valley Wisconsin

Spring Valley Police Department

GE121 South 2nd Street

Po Box 276

Spring Valley, WI 54767

(715) 778-5678


Sharon Verges, Chief of Police Part-Time

Dulcie Lilly, Full-Time Police Officer


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The Village of Spring Valley has contracted with Companion Animal Control to respond to calls for stray dogs.  You will find information below along with contact information should you have a lost pet or find a stray.  The Village, police department, and CAC work closely together for the safety of all animals and it is our hope that you will all use this program responsibly.

How do I contact animal control?

Call Companion Animal Control at (715) 220-1332 or visit   Established in 2011, Companion Animal Control serves more than 30 municipalities across Washington County, MN, Pierce County & St. Croix County, WI.  Companion Animal Control responds to hundreds of calls each year to help animals, visit for the following information & much more:


  • What to do if you’ve found an animal
  • Photos of impounded animals
  • How to find your lost dog or cat
  • Companion Animal Control service areas
  • Report an animal welfare complaint
  • Community resources such as discount spay/neuter
  • Impound & rescue partners


Where are animals impounded?

Western Wisconsin Animal Services, 651-248-2282.  Owners reclaiming there are required to make an appointment to reclaim their animal at the office in Baldwin, pay a reclaim fee and may be invoiced by the municipality to recuperate additional animal control expenses.  Animals are held for the state required holding period, then evaluated and transferred to local rescues for adoption.

 Bike Rodeo Photos 


      * The Spring Valley Police Department does vehicle registrations for local and immediate area residents.  We strongly suggest you check out the DMV web site as this can be done online.  PLEASE call ahead and make an appointment since officers are not always at the office. 

DMV website: 

DMV Phone:(414) 266-1000 or (608) 261-2583

The “incidences” reported in the Department Updates below include 911 calls, accidents, abandoned/disabled vehicles, property damage, police assist, coroner calls, disorderly conduct, EMS, general complaints, parking violations, traffic, weather, etc.


  • Officer Lilly and Chief worked multiple hours Friday through Sunday of Dam Days.  Weather was great, which helped with a good turn out for the various events.  Overall everything went well with very few issues.
  • Chief also assisted with traffic control for the Homecoming Parade and activities.
  • On September 28th Chief took the squad to Flagship Ford for a recall inspection for a rear toe link  It looked fine but they will notify me once they receive the parts to get it replaced.  They did replace two blinker lights that were not working.
  • Chief purchased 2 air purifiers for the PD office using the PPE Grant money that was left over after doing a modification to the application.
  • 50 incidents for September
  • Squad has had major repairs
  • Both Chief and Officer are working during various village events.
  • August 4, 2021 Quote from chief Verges: “Officer Lilly worked over 24 hours on July 28 & 29 to assist with storm damage.  I came in on July 29th to assist also.  I want to recognize Officer Lilly for her exemplary work and dedication to our community.  She worked her regular 8 hour shift on Wednesday, July 28th and then advised me that she would stay in Spring Valley to monitor any storms that would be headed this way, as she was concerned for the safety of the community, for the next few hours on her own time.  When the storm warnings went out for the area she went back on duty at 10:00 p.m and worked non-stop, helping with accidents and assisting community members and first responders as needed until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday  July 29th.  Her unwavering dedication to our community in their time of need goes above and beyond what most people would do and I want to thank her for the hard work and care she gave to so many during their time of need.”
  • 49 incidences were recorded for the month of July 2021
  • Firearms qualifications and radar certification were done in May.
  • Numerous speeding, wrong-way drivers, and other construction traffic problems culminating in 26 traffic stops.
  • PPE grant has been put to good use
  • Drug Take Back Month-all meds collected thus far taken to PC and delivered to Eau Claire 04/26
  • K/9 search, Flood Run, Prom covered
  • Office Lily completed mandatory Pursuit training
  • Squad in for routine repairs and maintenance 04/02
  • Local Chiefs mtg attended via zoom 04/01
  • 38 incidences were recorded for the month of March 2021
  • Chief and Clerk had a phone conversation with Companion Animal Control to tie up loose ends
  • Work has been done on the squad
  • WIBR certification continues
  • Use of Force Policy updated and certified.  Now eligible to apply for federal grants .  Renewable every 3 years
  • An agreement regarding parking in the alleys was drafted, approved and signed by local businesses and the Village.
  • The squad was out for repairs , headlamps adjusted, spark plugs replaced.
  • Equipment was removed from the 2007 Ford squad and is being stored for 2nd squad.  Looking into a 4yr. Municipal Lease Program when/if we decide to purchase a 2nd squad.
  • On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 the Spring Valley Police Department with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department did a search warrant at a residence in the Village for a possible violation of a Domestic Abuse Injunction.  The warrant was served with no issues and evidence was found that was in violation of the Injunction.  A male subject was taken into custody for violating the Injunction.
  • 40 incidences were recorded for the month of December 2020
  • Several trainings have been attended for statistics reporting, record management, and Lexipol.
  • SVPD received a PPE grand for $1111
  • Chief Verges and Officer Lilly worked election day to cover all polling hours.  There were no incidences.
  • COVID-related grant has been applied for and PPE have been purchased.
  • Training has started for a new mandated state and federal reporting system involving criminal statistics.
  • The squad has new tires
  • Chief was on duty for Halloween night
  • Chief assisted at the Elementary Fun Run/Walk on October 9th
  • ES committee agenda for Tuesday September 15 2020 Emerg Srvc agenda September 15 2020
  • A few bigger investigations were done in August.  Case information has recently been sent to juvenile services.  Additional follow-up on peripheral investigations continues.
  • Officer Lilly was on duty for 2 bigger bike runs that had anticipated large turn-out.
  • The department is working with the school to ensure safe pick-up and drop-off of the students.  COVID-19 procedures are in place at the school.
  • Per Pierce County web page: On Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 at about 8:16 pm, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a vehicle versus Bicycle on Newman Avenue near 2nd Street in the village of Spring Valley, WI. It was determined that Joel Debrozzo, 47 years old from Spring Valley, WI, was operating a 2010 Buick Enclave Northbound on Newman Avenue when his vehicle was struck by a 10-year-old male juvenile on a bicycle who suddenly entered the intersection. The 10-year-old male juvenile, also of Spring Valley was transported by Spring Valley Area Ambulance Service to Mayo Hospital in Menomonie, WI with undetermined injuries. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office was assisted on scene by Spring Valley Area Ambulance and Spring Valley Fire Department.